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Hello! we’re Sally and Sally. We share a love for sewing and quilting and have a combined 30 years of experience. We want to share our passion for this amazing hobby with the ABQ community of crafters and makers.  

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Who We Are & What We Do

Hello! we’re Sally and Sally. We share a love for sewing and quilting and have a combined 30 years of experience. We want to share our passion for this amazing hobby with the ABQ community of crafters and makers.  

The Sewing Place ABQ is a maker’s space for like-minded folks interested in quilting, sewing, knitting, and crocheting. Individuals of all ages, skill level, and experience are welcome. We offer the creative space you wish you had at home. Don’t have a sewing machine or kit? No problem! Schedule time to use one of our professional level sewing machines. Or, bring your own machine from home and spread out your project on one of our large tables. Feel free to borrow a full sewing kit containing all the tools you’ll need to start your project such as thread, sheers, measuring tools, rotary cutter and more.

Do you need help with the most difficult part of your project – quilting? No worries! Take a class and get your long arm certification and schedule time to use our long arm quilter and choose from a catalog of intricate patterns. Don’t have time for that? No sweat! Ask one of our professional quilters to do it for you.

Have you recently finished a project, but your smartphone camera isn’t doing your work justice? We got you covered! Schedule time in our photo studio to access professional cameras, lighting equipment, and editing software to make your creations shine.

Have you always wanted to learn sewing or quilting skills? Join one of our classes for step-by-step instruction on making award winning quilts, bags, and more. We are also open to welcoming members of the community to lead classes as well.

Perhaps you have all the tools, skills, and equipment you need to complete your project – the only part missing is community. Please join us in creating that community. All you need to bring is fabric and a head full of ideas. 


Events & Workshops

Long Arm Certification

General Information on becoming a Certified Longarm Renter

We're excited to offer you an opportunity to be your own quilter with our Longarm Certification classes! The first class is $150, plus tax; and includes a HandiQuiter© manual and all necessary supplies. This is a full-day class from 9:00am - 3:00pm. Due to the hands-on training given, this is a private tutorial: one student to one teacher ONLY. Sorry, no exceptions. After certifying in one of the below, you may take the remaining class at a reduced cost. We offer two longarm classes:

  1. Free-Motion (hand-guided quilting) – How to work from the front of the machine using free motion, rulers, stencils; and from the back of the machine using a pantograph.

  2. ProStitcher Premium© (computerized quilting) - How to use ProStitcher Premium to quilt Edge-to-Edge, individual blocks, or rows from thousands of pre-programmed designs.

In both classes, along with quilting, you will learn:

  • How to turn the machine on and off and how to oil the machine.

  • How to calculate and size your backing and batting.

  • How to square your quilt top and backing, and how to load your quilt.

  • How to thread the machine and use proper thread tension

  • How to avoid thread "nests" and how to use tie off stitches

Please NOTE: Once certified you are responsible for providing your own supplies. We give you the best experience possible, by offering you a class discount of 15% off your purchases* the day of your class. (Some exceptions apply. Refer to our newsletter for details.)


Rent The Long Arm

Once certified, rent the HandiQuilter Fusion for $25 per hour (2 hours minimum) or $100 for 6 hours (9:00 am - 3:00 pm or time scheduled).
Rental fee is due upon reservation.
Please NOTE: First-time rental is a full day ($100, plus tax). We recommend that you have a quilt top ready to quilt upon completion of your certification class ' and that you rent within 30 days of certifying.
If 90 days has lapsed without renting, we require you to take a 1-hour refresher course for $25 which is in addition to your full day rental, totaling $125, plus tax.

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