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Blue Hole

Sally W. here, it is Quilt Block Mania Time again. This Months Theme is places. We chose Blue Hole, New Mexico. The Blue Hole we are talking about is Located in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It is a big hole in the ground fed by a spring system. The deepest you can go in it is 81 feet. They have the cave system below that grated off to keep people from getting lost in the cave network. It is a very popular spot to go. It is the closed place to go and learn to scuba dive. It is where I got certified as a diver in 2006. I did my advanced open water certification there a year later. I haven't been diving there in a couple years because I need to get my tanks hydro tested. Too many ideas too little time. The orange and white balls floating at the surface are the corner markers for the two dive platforms that are at 20ft and 25 ft.

15 years ago, the first road trip we took the kid on when she was an itty bitty baby was out to Blue Hole. It was me, mom , my brother and the baby. She was 4 weeks old and we figured we would try to 2 hour drive out to Santa Rosa. It was a scorching hot day. It was 108 degrees out side at blue hole. The water comes out of the ground 61 degrees year round. We were walking around int he creek that comes out of the main pool. Tiny baby wasn't totally appreciative of her feet in the cold water. She was enamored with the journey and being held by her uncle.

Being two hours away we go out there often. One of the fun stops at Blue Hole was on out way to Paducah in 2018. My quilt was showing, so we had to go out to see it. On the way out we stopped at Blue Hole with no intention of getting in. First the Kid had to get her feet wet, then she was like oops I fell in the water I am all wet now so why not swim. oh we are swimming now I have to go jump of the low dive. And now we have to do the high dive.

If you can't make it out to blue hole you can always get a copy of the pattern here and visit it that way.

Once you get a copy of our block check out all of my fellow designers and get a copy of their patterns.

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