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Singer 66

It is Quilt Block Mania Time. This months theme is Quilting.

The sewing machine revolutionized sewing. The early sewing machines were expensive and became a status symbol to have in your house. They became more elaborately decorated gold filigree. It is hard to decide which is my favorite. I have a Singer Improved Family, which is the fiddle base treadle that became the Singer Class 15. It has these very pretty little flowers. I love the Singer 66 Red Eye designs. I chose the Singer 66 Egyptian decals for this block. It is based on the big decal in the center of the throat. I went with it because it seamed a bit more simple that some of the acanthus filigree you see on some of the other machines.

When you are done you can visit all of my fellow designers and get their fantastic blocks.

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Ellen Robinson
Ellen Robinson
Jul 10, 2023

Very cool (and detailed) block! Thank you for sharing. What kind of fusible do you like to use?


Sharon Treece
Sharon Treece
Jul 06, 2023

Thank you so much for participating in the Quilt Block Mania.

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