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It is Quilt Block Mania Time. This months theme is Desserts. At this point I have watched so much Great British Baking Show that when it comes to desserts I think of baked pastries and tarts and custards. While I am a pretty fantastic cook, my baking skills are more likely to land me on Nailed It instead of GBBS. But desserts are not just limited to cakes and pies. Chocolate and candy can make a tasty treat after dinner.

6 year old me loved smarties and sweet tarts. It was one of the few sweet treats we were allowed to have. They really don't have alot of flavor other than sweet. When you are a kid that is what you want. They are now the candy that the kid leaves in the bottom of her Halloween bucket to be eaten after the butterfingers and twix are gone. We would always get them for valentines day and they were way better than the conversation hearts we would also get.

You can get your copy of the pattern here.

You can visit all of my fellow designers for their free fun blocks

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