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Tree of Life

It is Quilt Block Mania Time again. This months theme is connections.

We designed this tree of life to show the interconnections of the world. My day job is a a geologist, but really I do historical research of water use in my area. One property at a time. I do a report over to the north of the valley and I run across the post master general signing the paper work. A couple years later I am doing another report on a property in the southern part of the valley and the same guy owned that property and was a conductor on the railroad 10 years prior to becoming the post master general. I have numerous properties that have been owned by the same family for 200 years. In a property I just wrote about a good friend of mine is the great niece of the owner who owned the property 60 years ago. Every one talks about 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. Every one is connected. It is very true in Albuquerque It is a city that masquerades as a big small town. In meeting I have the first 20 minutes are spent figuring out who we all know in common and how we know them. It is a microcosm of how small a world we live in.

This months pattern is entirely applique. It is designed using fusible web applique and comes with svg files if you have a cutting machine.

Then visit all of my fellow designers to get their blocks.

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