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Whats For Dinner

It is Quilt Block Mania Time. This months theme is the Kitchen.

Six months ago I started a new job. It is in Santa Fe. Basically an hour and fifteen away from my house or an hour and half if I take the train. Since I am not getting home until at least 6:15 at the earliest, I have been teaching the 15 year old kid to cook over the phone . And every night it starts with "what pan do I want Mom?" Now I have a lot of pans, but 90% of the time it is either the saute pan or the 3 qt sauce pan. I think my stainless steel saute pan is going on 25 years old. You get a good pan and then it will last you a long time. She is getting to the point where she is making pretty tasty meals. Occasionally we have an all out miss. I am having to translate my cooking by feel and smell because she wants precise measurements and times. And if I don't do things like specify the amount of garlic then that is all you get, garlic with some corn added. When she moves out on her own in a couple years she will be able to keep a well stocked pantry and be able to cook for herself.

You can get a copy of this months block here.

Once you get your copy of the clock join all of my fellow designers to get theirs.

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